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Retargeting is your ability to keep your brand in front of your customers after they have visited your website. 69.47% of Your Potential Online Buyers Will Abandon Your Shopping Cart!

This is how Retargeting works:


Getting customers to come back to your website!

With Website Retargeting you can bring people back to your website. This is where we display ads to your website visitors to bring them back to your website. Amazon attributes 15.7% of their brand awareness to retargeting their current website visitors. Most websites have a bounce rate of 98%. Now with retargeting you can bring these existing customers back to your website.

Calculate Your Current Revenue Loss, by NOT using retargeting!

You can personalize your ads based on the pages of your website they viewed. Even if your retargeting now via Facebook, Google or services like Adroll LeadFollow can help you expand your reach and exposure.

LeadFollow allows you to display your ads to the right people at the right time!

Website visitor retargeting right people right time

What is LeadFollow?

The LeadFollow platform stack has a full suite of technologies that can be layered into your campaign which is optimized around your goals. The graphics below shows a lot of information, but the gist is that the LeadFollow platform is all about stalking your leads online to subconsciously influence buying intent. So no matter where they are, no matter where they are in the customer lifecycle.

We know that your customers are researching right now online, they are reading blogs, articles and watching videos. And the sad fact is they may not know you exist or even worse have forgotten you exist. They may start to know the type of products that they want or they’re really in the buying stage or they could have been past clients that you’re trying to reactivate and re-engage.

LeadFollow is perfect for every application of the entire customer lifecycle. I’m going to briefly explain some of the elements of our platform in a high-level. Just a reminder, we’ve got a much more detailed webinar that explain each one of these applications in detail.

Why use LeadFollow?

You don’t want your customers to forget about you!

You want Lead Optimization using geo-location behavioral triggers and contextual awareness to target audiences with intent. You want to stay top of mind so your customers choose you over your competition.

You want to personalize your advertising so it’s always contextually relevant to your customers current online consumption or offline activity.

LeadFollow is for you if you are:

  • Looking to maximize your direct mail campaign conversion rates.
  • Looking to Geofence your competitors retail locations so you can display your advertising.
  • Looking for proximity based marketing.
  • Looking to geofence your event, trade show, expo audience so you can continue to market to them for 30 days after the event!
  • Looking to track how many people see your online advertising and walk into your retail store locations.
  • Want access to custom audiences you can’t access anywhere else.

LeadFollow ensures your customers don’t forget you!

Optimize your existing marketing campaigns and stay top of mind with your customer while you maximize your advertising ROI. LeadFollow is the platform for you!


Stay Top of Mind, All the Time!

LeadFollow puts your brand and your offers everywhere your client’s go online, on any device they use! We make your leads more likely to engage with your business.

LeadFollow is Lead Optimization

Stay in front of your leads anywhere and everywhere they go online. LeadFollow gives you access to 98% of the internet via 355+ advertising networks for banner and video advertising.

LeadFollow is like stalking your leads online

Anywhere you lead goes online your advertising will be right there. On any device. Your Advertising can contextual display based on the articles, videos or content your customers are reading. LeadFollow can deliver contextually relevant adverting to your leads during the entire customer journey.

Geofencing & Retargeting Statistics

70% MORE LIKELY to convert

Leads targeted with LeadFollow are 70% MORE LIKELY to convert into clients! Layered retargeting campaigns to engage leads and bring them back online or offline.

Increase Clicks

Leads targeted with LeadFollow at 10X (10 times) more likely to click on your ads!

Optimize Existing Marketing

Layered with existing marketing campaigns you can improve conversions upwards of 147%

Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

Convert your direct mail campaigns into targeted audiences for display advertising.

Famous to the Right People!

15.7% higher brand recall! More people will know who you are!

Track Offline Conversions!

Conversion Zone tracking: LeadFollow can track who has seen your ads online and walked into your retail location offline!

Solutions to help you attract new customers and stay in-front of old customers to bring them back!
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