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Maximize Your GeoFencing & Retargeting Campaign with our Hybrid Stack. Customized campaigns for your budget!

Our hybrid stack allows you to customize your campaign specifically to your needs. We understand that you business and marketing is unique. That’s why with our hybrid campaign stack we can customize your GeoFencing & Retargeting Campaign 100% to your needs.


LeadFollow is more than just GeoFencing. LeadFollow is more than just retargeting. LeadFollow is more than a big data aggregator. The LeadFollow platform is includes 3 core elements.

  • Website Visitor Retargeting
  • Contextual Retargeting
  • GeoLocation Retargeting

Via our hybrid campaign design we will customize each of core platform elements to meet your needs.

Why use a LeadFollow Hybrid Campaign?

  • You want to retarget your existing website traffic.
  • You want to segment your website traffic into different campaigns based on the different stages of the customer journey. (Leads, Clients)
  • You want to use Geofence Event audience segments
  • You want to GeoFence your competitor’s customers to create an audience you can target with your ads.
  • You want to use an addressable campaign to your existing lists. This can be leads or clients.
  • You want to gain exposure to new audiences using our keyword contextual campaign retargeting.

How does my budget get allocated?

The LeadFollow team will allocate your budget over the entire campaign. This means our team will breakdown your budget into orders for each campaign element that is implemented as part of your campaign.

Do I have to pay other fees?

The great news is that the budget you allocate to your LeadFollow campaign is your direct advertising spend. This includes your advertising budget and campaign management. LeadFollow applies your budget to the campaign elements and automatically allocates the different CPM’s to your budget to maximize your impressions.

The only other fee’s may be fees for banner creative and CRM list matching has a monthly fee.

Who the hybrid campaigns are not for:

A hybrid campaign is not right for you if you are looking to apply just one campaign strategy. For example if you want to apply just website visitor retargeting, or just an event geofencing campaign. Hybrid campaigns are designed to be layered based on the clients unique requirements.

Does a Hybrid campaign maximize impressions?

Yes, a hybrid campaign will maximize your impression delivery over your entire campaign each 30 days. All of our campaigns are designed on a rolling 30 day period. This allows LeadFollow to maximize your impressions over each 30 days cycle.

What should my budget be?

That’s a great question. You can launch a campaign for as little as $500. This gives you 50,000 impressions of your ads over 30 days. However, you should ideally budget for $1 per person on your list. $1 per person for 30 days will ensure each person sees your ads 4 times a day for 30 days. This is optimal exposure to create brand awareness.

Impression Math

Your budget will determine the number of impressions what will be delivered to your audience.


Where are my banner ads displayed

The LeadFollow ads are displayed on various apps (over 600,000 apps and games) including Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Weather.com, ESPN etc etc. Your Ads are also displayed on various websites via our 355+ advertising publishing networks.

If there is a website that contains banner, display or native advertising it’s a likely location your ads can be displayed.

LeadFollow ensures your customers won’t forget you!

You will get access to LeadFollow Platform after you activate your account!


Every LeadFollow account gets access to the LeadFollow portal. This is where you can manage your orders, access real-time analytics and reporting on your campaigns and so much more.

Example of just some of the reports you will be able to access from your dashboard!

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