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Don't Let Your Customers Forget You!

If you are looking to optimize your existing marketing campaigns and stay top of mind with your customer while you maximize your advertising ROI. LeadFollow is the platform for you!

Stay Top of Mind, All the Time!

LeadFollow puts your brand and your offers everywhere your client’s go online, on any device they use! We make your leads more likely to engage with your business. You're already spending money to get people to visit your website, we help bring them back to your website!

LeadFollow is Lead Optimization

Stay in front of your leads anywhere and everywhere they go online. LeadFollow gives you access to 98% of the internet via 355+ advertising networks for banner and video advertising.

LeadFollow is like stalking your leads online

Anywhere you lead goes online your advertising will be right there. On any device. Your Advertising can contextual display based on the articles, videos or content your customers are reading. LeadFollow can deliver contextually relevant adverting to your leads during the entire customer journey.

LeadFollow Geofencing & Retargeting Statistics

  • Leads targeted with LeadFollow are 70% MORE LIKELY to convert into clients! Due to layered retargeting campaigns to engage the lead and bring them back to your business.
  • Leads targeted with LeadFollow at 10X (10 times) more likely to click on your ads!
  • Layered with existing marketing campaigns you can improve conversions upwards of 147%
  • LeadFollow can optimize your direct mail conversions and response rates
  • 15.7% higher brand recall! More people will know who you are!
  • Conversion Zone tracking: LeadFollow can track who has seen your ads online and walked into your retail location offline!

Why use LeadFollow?

You don’t want your customers to forget about you!

You want Lead Optimization using geo-location behavioral triggers and contextual awareness to target audiences with intent. You want to stay top of mind so your customers choose you over your competition.

You want to personalize your advertising so it’s always contextually relevant to your customers current online consumption or offline activity.

You want to bring your existing website vistors back to your website!

Working with LeadFollow makes it fast and easy to launch a website vistor retargeting campagin!

What should my budget be?

That’s a great question. You can launch a campaign for as little as $500. This gives you 50,000 impressions of your ads over 30 days. However, you should ideally budget for $1 per person on your list. $1 per person for 30 days will ensure each person sees your ads 4 times a day for 30 days. This is optimal exposure to create brand awareness.

Our team will design your banner creative!

Yes, our team will design your banner creative for you. Our team will design banners in the following sizes: 160x600 180x150 300x250 300x600 320x50 320x100 336x280 728x90.

You can upload your own banner designs if you have them. Our team will make sure they are all the correct sizes.


Where are my banner ads displayed

The LeadFollow ads are displayed on various apps (over 600,000 apps and games) including Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Weather.com, ESPN etc etc. Your Ads are also displayed one various websites via our 355+ advertising publishing networks.

If there is a website that contains banner, display or native advertising it’s a likely location your ads can be displayed.

You will get access to LeadFollow Platform after you activate your account!


Every LeadFollow account get’s access to the LeadFollow portal. This is where you can manage your orders, access real-time analytics and reporting on your campaigns and so much more.

Real-time analytics and campaign transparency!

Example of just some of the reports you will be able to access from your dashboard!

Still got questions?

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Your list could be seeing your ads in as little as 72 business hours. Increase your brand awareness, engage your leads and ensure you will not be forgotten!

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