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LeadFollow Advertising Platform - Putting Your Ads In Front Of the Right People!

The LeadFollow ads are displayed on various apps (over 600,000 apps and games) including Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Weather.com, ESPN etc etc. Your Ads are also displayed one various websites via our 355+ advertising publishing networks.

GeoFencing Vs Geotargeting
GeoFencing Software Solution
  • 750 million users to target at any given time
  • Collects 30 terabytes of timestamped data per day, including 1.4 billion keyword activities and 3 billion GPS-location activities.
  • One channel to publish your ads to our 355 exchanges, networks, and publishers
  • We collect data from search engines, vertical search engines, content providers, and a vast publisher network.
  • Mobile device data from over 90% of smart phones
  • 13 billion search events
  • 7 billion unique IDs

LeadFollow works on any device, for any product. LeadFollow uses GeoFencing around specific physical locations along with a persons online contextual search behaviors. works globally

Understanding the LeadFollow Platform Stack

As part of our LeadFollow platform stack we have a full suite of technologies that we can layer to design a campaign that is optimized around your goals. This is what makes LeadFollow different from our competition. Plus we can get started for as little as $500/month!

LeadFollow specializes in Lead Optimization

We typically break your campaigns into two elements. This allows us to use our platform different based on the goal of targeting your existing audience or trying to attract new customers.

  1. Existing Audience Lead Optimization
  2. New Audience Acquisition

As a platform we publish your banner and video ads to over 355 different advertising networks which covers 98% of the internet. This means you have one LeadFollow account instead of managing 355+ accounts with 355+ different budgets for each account.

Understanding how the LeadFollow platform can be used for Existing Audience Campaigns:

With our LeadFollow Addressable “Direct Mail ROI Buddy” where we GeoFence the USPS Mailing Addresses automatically of your existing leads or clients to display your advertisements via our ad networks, at anyone who lives at that address. All we require here is to have the street address of your leads. (We can upload 1 million addresses per campaign.)

You can call this digital direct mail that displays your advertising to anyone that lives at a certain property address. This is the foundation for our Direct Mail Buddy ROI Buddy product.

LeadFollow Addressable GeoFencing is like USPS for Digital Ads!

With LeadFollow Addressable Geofencing you can segment your list to specifically target each of your list segments differently. For example New Leads, Warm leads, Cold Leads, Lost Leads, Expired Clients, Current Clients, Lost Clients. This is because we can create list segments to then display your customized advertisements to anyone in these targeted addresses.

Using geo-fences to create custom audiences

Retail Geofence Location Targeting: If you have a retail location or chain of locations we can target the physical locations for people who visit or have visited within a 30 day period of time.

This allows you to display ads to your customers who are: (1) In-store right now or (2) Left your retail location within the last 30 days.

By creating an geofence audience of people entering your current store locations you can display personalized offers to bring them back into your store. Checkout our Dynamic Ad Creator to see how we can personalize your ads dynamically.

Website Visitor Retargeting

Getting customers to come back to your website!

With Website Retargeting you can bring people back to your website. This is where we display ads to your website visitors to bring them back to your website. Amazon attributes 15.7% of their brand awareness to retargeting their current website visitors. Most websites have a bounce rate of 98%. Now with retargeting you can bring these existing customers back to your website.

Calculate Your Current Revenue Loss, by NOT using retargeting!

You can personalize your ads based on the pages of your website they viewed. Even if your retargeting now via Facebook, Google or services like Adroll LeadFollow can help you expand your reach and exposure.

Understanding how the LeadFollow platform can be used for New Audience Acquisition:

We leverage the offline intent behavior of your customers to create highly targeted audiences. Here are just some use case examples of what’s possible with the LeadFollow Geo-fencing Software & Retargeting platform.

GeoFencing physical locations your ideal clients visit in the real world. This can be any physical location that exists on a map anywhere in the world. Here are some basic examples.

  • Competitor locations: Display ads to people who have at your competitors locations, or have recently left their locations.
  • Retail Locations: Target other retail locations that you customers shop.
  • Restaurants: Target nearby locations that your customers hangout. The different types of restaurants can indicate a different type of customer segment.
  • Banks or Financial services
  • Car Yards: new, used, repair centers, rental
  • Professional Services: Where else does your customers shop or interact as part of their customer journey?
  • Display Homes or Sales Centers: This is unique to LeadFollow that we can target locations that are uniquely time based events or evergreen.
  • If it exists on a map it’s a location that can be targeted by LeadFollow Geofencing software.

Track who’s seen your ads and who walks in!

Our system allows us to track who has seen your ads and then walked into your physical locations. We also recommend using a trackable phone number for all banner ads. This allows us to track phone calls from your banner ads. LeadFollow can provide you with a phone number as part of your campaign.

With Contextual Retargeting we can display ads to people who are researching!

Contextual Display. LeadFollow processes 30 terabytes of data per day. This means we process every page your customers visit across the internet and have visited for the last 90 days. This allows us to display your ads at people based on contextual relevance. Based on the keywords on the page itself, or how our big data AI has classified the website.

With contextual display we can retarget based on up to 1,000 keywords, which can include your competitor names, URLs and various key phrases. We have also grouped data on our services to allow you to display based on our category data groups.

Contextual advertising allows you to display your ads to people while they are researching. Allowing you to engage audience at the top of the sales funnel and influence their decisions.

LeadFollow GeoFencing and Retargeting Platform

LeadFollow is more than just GeoFencing Software Solution. LeadFollow is an entire platform stack of audience creation and audience advertising solutions that can be customized to your specific needs.

The LeadFollow platform stack has a full suite of technologies that can be layered into your campaign which is optimized around your goals. The graphics below shows a lot of information, but the gist is that the LeadFollow platform is all about stalking your leads online to subconsciously influence buying intent. So no matter where they are, no matter where they are in the customer lifecycle.

We know that your customers are researching right now online, they are reading blogs, articles and watching videos. And the sad fact is they may not know you exist or even worse have forgotten you exist. They may start to know the type of products that they want or they’re really in the buying stage or they could have been past clients that you’re trying to reactivate and re-engage.

LeadFollow is perfect for every application of the entire customer lifecycle. I’m going to briefly explain some of the elements of our platform in a high-level. Just a reminder, we’ve got a much more detailed webinar that explain each one of these applications in detail.

What about Demographic targeting? If you are spending more than $5,000/month with LeadFollow you campaigns can include demographic layer segmentation. This is just another way you can personalize your marketing to highly targeted audience segments.

LeadFollow Behavioural Engagement Platform

To maximize your success you need more than just a geofencing solution. You need a platform of technologies to help you maximize and optimize your success. Geofencing campaigns by themselves will not work. However when you combine geofenced audiences as part of your entire marketing campaign you will improve your results. This is one of the big mistakes that many people make, don’t just look for a cheap GeoFencing solution but a technology that will help you create an asset.Our best clients love that you can leverage our entire platform stack as part of your campaign. At LeadFollow our goal is to ensure your customers don't forget you!


Geofence GeoTargeting

Geotargeting is not geofencing. Geo-Fence marketing is not beacon Bluetooth marketing. Did you know that geofencing is not 1-mile or even “1 block” targeting.

How to geofence event geofencing

Yes, Facebook allows you to radius geotarget 1 mile but that is not really a geofencing solution. It is only a geotarget radius of a certain area. But what is certain in today's marketplace with all of the data we have, and the requirements for reduction of noise in your marketing audiences. A proper geofencing or “proximity marketing” solution can give you a competitive edge.

A geofence is a virtual fence placed around the precise area or down to the contours of a building, which is what our LeadFollow platform does. With geofencing, you should be able to granularly target people in individual buildings, malls, retail centers, events, competitors, etc. With LeadFollow Geo-fencing, you can target data to a precise 3 square feet! That means if you want to target a specific retail store or part of a building, you can do that.

This is where you can target people based on their location and offline buying intent activity. Like standing in your competitor’s location for example. This provides you with a massive opportunity to build custom audiences with buying intent you can advertise.

There are multiple geofencing companies out there. This is not new in essence as a technology, however, the way we do it is different. We have three government satellites that validate every transaction. We remove bot traffic and we have a new process for analysing what they call "unstructured data". Unstructed data is like converting a pocket full of pennies into a $100 bill, this is what we do with our big data supercomputer AI. Unlike our competitors we buy our location in data in penny form and interpret it's meaning. This allows us to analyze the data of people who are in starbucks vs everyone who is on the block. The cheaper way to buy data is to buy it in "structured" or chunks like a zip code of data. But this is bad because you know who was in the zip code, and not who was in only the starbucks. This is why we provide you with the LeadFollow Smart Pixel to embed on your websites and landing pages to optimize conversion tracking.

At any given time, we’re processing close to 750 million users over 30 terabytes of time-stamped per data including 1.4 billion. That’s right! 1.4 billion with the B keyword search activities. We process over 3 billion GPS locations per day. This data allows us to deliver more accurate audiences to save you wasting advertising dollars on the wrong audience segments. We can do things like keyword contextual segmentation for people within a geofenced area. For Example like people looking for a house to buy or sell, or a boat to buy. We have data for the last 6 months that we can consume, analyze, and process to make sure that we can put your marketing messages, your advertising in front of the right people. This is based on their contextual relevant behavior.The exact articles, blogs, videos, content they are consuming right now!

Addressable Geo-Fencing

If you do direct mail (Postcards, Letters, Mailers) or want to send direct mail you will love this feature! We also have a specific product called "Direct Mail ROI Buddy" to help you optimize your direct mail conversions.This is unique to the LeadFollow platform. It’s very powerful and it allows us to take any mailing address, anywhere in the world and convert it with its overlay of the GIS map indicator. So imagine this: we’ve taken your street address, your mailing address, overlaid it with the GIS property boundary data. Then LeadFollow will automatically build a geofence around your property address using the longitude and latitude all from your mailing address.

Direct Mail Geofencing and Address retargeting

This means we no longer actually have to build that geofence manually. The system automatically does it. And we can do a million automatic of them at a time! It’s that powerful. Anyone who goes into that geofence within the next 30 days, will start to see you Ads. It’s wonderful if you’re sending direct mail because it really gets to reinforce your direct mail pieces. Yes, that’ right this means all the devices inside the property will be targeted with your advertisements!

Keyword Search Retargeting

How to geofence event geofencing

This is where you can give us a keyword list of up to 500 to 1,000 keywords. What we do is use the broad search as we want higher level keyword search phrases. We’re not talking about exact like longtail keywords here, we’re talking about putting your hands in front of people during the search and research stage of the buying cycle. So your Ads start to display because what we want to do is influence them when they’re researching the products to buy your products. You can only influence people while they’re in that researching stage. Once they’ve locked in on a product, it’s a totally different mental game and buying a game to deal with.

Website Visitor Retargeting

Website Visitor Retargeting

98% of all your website visitors leave, they bounce, and never come back again. We know that only 17% of people will come back to your website. What we’re trying to do is bump that because we know that by running site retargeting, people are 70% more likely to come back to your site. And you’ll bring back about 27% of your site traffic. Just by running site retargeting, you will boost your brand awareness by 15.8% of people more likely to remember and know exactly who you are. Site retargeting in itself is very powerful. Many people don’t do it or do it well. We’ll talk more on this topic on other tutorials soon. Even if you are already retargeting your visitors via Facebook and Google ads we can expand your coverage by 98%.

Website visitor retargeting calculator

How much are you losing?

Calculate what it's worth to you if you can bring back up to 27% of your existing website traffic!

Calculate Your Current Revenue Loss!

LeadFollow GeoFencing and Programmatic Retargeting API

With the full LeadFollow platform, we offer an API. It’s our own API and you can programmatically integrate with our API. Or if you want to keep it simple you can use our Zapier app! So this allows you to turn on and off any of these campaigns in real-time, dynamically, based on what your leads or your clients are doing in real-time. Native Programmatic We also offer native programmatic, which means it’s responsive mobile and display Ads. It allows you to maximize that native content consumption field.

LeadFollow allows you to display your ads to the right people at the right time!

Website visitor retargeting right people right time

Additional LeadFollow Platform Features

Contextual Category Retargeting

This is using our big data AI to categorize behaviour and what we’ve done is we’ve grouped a lot of data together. What we’re trying to do is put your Ads in front of people at the top of the researching and buying sales funnel. This is where you’re starting to put Ads in front of people before they even know what your product is. Some agencies or some services like Google called this affinity where it’s like this person has a higher affinity to purchase or we know over the next 30 to 60 days they are more likely to purchase. What we’re trying to do is put your Ads in front of these people earlier in the buying cycle. Contextual Category or great if you are looking for New Audience exposure for lead generation.

Dynamic Creative

We’ve seen a lot of people in the auto industry use this technology. But the technology we’ve created allows us to use it in multiple other industries. So if you have a product catalog and users have been to your website, we’re able to set a dynamic feed based on the product they viewed on your website. We can change the Ads dynamically to display only Ads relevant to the products in which they looked at on your website. It’s an amazing application and it’s wonderful if you’ve got a big product catalog and you want to have unique Ads to each person based on the products they’ve seen without having to create tens of thousands of Ads.

CRM Targeting (Convert Emails into Audiences)

This is where we can actually take your lead list. This includes the phone numbers, email addresses, and match them to over 350 different network providers. And we can find these people and where they exist on their digital footprints and roll your Ads only to those people.

IP Targeting

The IP targeting is important if you know specific locations or IP ranges. You can start to go after those areas.

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