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  • What to be aware of when setting up geofences
  • Why retargeting is vital to successful campaigns
  • 3 questions to ask your Geofencing software provider that can prevent wasting your money!
  • 3 mistakes people make with Geofencing and Retargeting campaigns
  • Guide to retargeting with video Massive Opportunity for people who want to create a brand and increase brand recall
  • How to optimize your social media posts to create custom audiences. Future opportunities for monetization as social influencer
  • Why GeoFencing fails!
  • How to measure success and quantify your campaign results.
  • How you can hijack your competitors' traffic without them knowing about it… and there is nothing they can do to stop you!

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Watch how fast and easy it is to create custom audiences using Geofenced locations!

With LeadFollow GeoFencing Software you can create geofences around any location that exists on a map! Watch as we create geo fences around several locations worldwide in less than 5 minutes! Plus if you don’t feel like creating the geofences our team will do if for you! You can geofence events, shopping centers, boat ramps, parks, stadiums and even your competitor store locations.

What is GeoFencing Geofencing Software

Conversion Zone Tracking

Track the people who see your ads online and walk into your retail location geofence conversion zones!

Real-Time Analytics

Access a realtime tracking and analytics of your geofencing and retargeting campaigns.


Custom Banner Ad Design

Need help with your banner ad designs? Let our team help you with you designs within 72 hours!

LeadFollow is Lead Optimization for your existing marketing and sales!

Here is just a sample of what you will discover inside the Ultimate Guide to GeoFencing:

What Geofencing is and what it is not!

People are confused with GeoFencing and how it works. How is it different to PPC, Facebook ads and even those Bluetooth beacon proximity marketing solutions. The Guide will define exactly what GeoFencing is and how you can and can’t use it. Yes there are some applications in which you can’t apply GeoFencing to a marketing campaign.

The GeoFencing Misconception.

Geotargeting is not geofencing. Geo-Fence marketing is not beacon Bluetooth marketing. Did you know that geofencing is not 1-mile or even “1 block” targeting.

Yes, Facebook allows you to radius geotarget 1 mile but that is not really a geofencing solution. It is only a geotarget radius of a certain area. But what is certain in today's marketplace with all of the data we have, and the requirements for reduction of noise in your marketing audiences. A proper geofencing or “proximity marketing” solution can give you a competitive edge.

A geofence is a virtual fence placed around the precise area or down to the contours of a building, which is what our platform at Propellant Media does. With geofencing, you should be able to granularly target people in individual buildings, malls, retail centers, events, competitors, etc. With LeadFollow Geo-fencing, you can target data to a precise 3 square feet! That means if you want to target a specific retail store or part of a building, you can do that.

GeoTargets and how powerful map-based proximity marketing can be for audience creation.

LeadFollow gives you access to offline audience behavior in ways you never thought possible. Custom audiences and look-a-like audiences are great for expanding your reach to new customers.

However, most online custom audiences like Facebook ads and Google AdWords don’t allow you to leverage the offline activity or buying intent of customers. Like where they shop, where they spend their time, where they hang out. Just because you go to a specific gym or hang out at a Starbucks does not mean you have liked them on Facebook.

Geo-Fencing allows you to leverage “proximity marketing” or “location-based marking” in entirely new ways. Geofencing software platforms like LeadFollow allows you to integrate a new suite of marketing tools into your existing marketing campaigns.

Geo Fencing allows you to target specific buildings, or streets rather than zip codes and a radius. This allows you to get very specific about the type of audience you want to create, and then how you use this audience. For example you can create an audience of people who are using a specific bus stop, or using as specific boat launch. Yes, this also means you can create audiences of people who attend a concert, or enter a stadium, or shopping center the list goes on.

Just imagine how much you can personalize your marketing campaigns if you know exactly where people are shopping or hanging out in the real world!

With geofencing, you can build individual virtual fences around particular locations where you know your ideal clients frequents. Consider a personal injury lawyer who wants to reach accident victims. Targeting hospitals and ER centers might be your ideal place to showcase your ads to build awareness and direct response for your personal injury law practice.

Building Brand Awareness and Recall

When you are building a brand you not only want impressions but you want recall. This is the number of people who know your company or product name.

If you are looking to build a brand with geofencing custom audiences you want to be asking yourself 3 simple questions:

  1. Who's the audience you're targeting?
  2. What's the message you're using with your targeting?
  3. Is the place you're sending that audience compelling enough for them to take action?

With GeoFencing we can targeting specific people at a specific location doing a specific thing. This means instead of a generic advertisement we want to personalize it knowing this information.

This is with the LeadFollow solution our Dynamic Ad Generator can be extremely beneficial. This allows you to personalize your ads based on where a person is located, or even the pages of your website they have visited.

Our goal at LeadFollow is to help you optimize your existing sales and marketing sales funnel.

The difference between beacon bluetooth marketing and GeoFencing and why it matters to the success of your campaign.

Geofencing requires you to install NOTHING at physical locations. That’s right nothing to install. Nothing to do but sit back and watch the impressions turn into clicks or walk in store visits.

Beacon technology only allows you to target people within 50 feet of the beacon. This means you need to install a lot of beacons which is an increased cost. With LeadFollow GeoFencing solution we can retarget people who are walking past your shopfront for the next 30 days online via 600,000+ mobile apps and games and hundreds of millions of websites.

With LeadFollow we follow your customers anywhere they go online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Places like when they are playing Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Weather Channel and other apps like sport news apps,, just to name a few.

There is an added benefit that GeoFencing has over Beacons. That is you with geo fencing you can target people while they are at the location (on premise) or once they have left the location. This allows you to present different advertisements while they are on location versus when they have left the location.

How else can you get access to these highly targeted custom audiences?

  • Advertisers Can Target Users While They're At The Geofenced Location
  • Advertisers Can Target Users After They Leave The Geofenced Location

With geofencing, you can target users while they are there at the target location. They can be on their smartphone device or tablet/laptop playing on apps or browsing websites and then potentially see your ads. So, you are able to target and speak to them while they are there.

The news with GeoFencing is that when a person clicks on your ads and visits you website you can retarget them for LIFE! You no longer have the 30 day engagement limit applied.

If you are a social media user we can share with you how using our Social Audience Link tool you can convert your social media posts into retargeting audiences. Imagine if you could personalize your ads to people based on the type of posts they clicked on or engaged with on your preferred social media platform.

Discover the 6 Optimal Banner sizes to use to maximize your impressions and click-throughs rates inside the guide.

Did you know that with LeadFollow analytics you can track the people who see your ads online or their mobile device and walk into your retail store! Imagine knowing exactly how many people are seeing your ads and how that is converting into local business walk-in traffic. This is what's possible when you leverage LeadFollow Geofencing and Retargeting solution.

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