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The Ultimate Event Marketing Guide to Generate Leads, Brand Exposure and Boost Sales Even if you didn’t attend the Event or Expo!

LeadFollow Event Geofencing and Retargeting is like event marketing insurance!

  • Guaranteed Exposure that improves your brand recall!
  • Maximize your Event Investment for up to 30 days after the event has finished
  • 100% Automated and Passive Engagement of Highly targeted audiences to increase brand awareness and recall. More people will know who you are and what you do!
  • Automate your Exhibitors leads visiting your website!
  • Connect Event traffic to your Retail Location Walk-in traffic!
  • Ensures your customers don’t forget you!

Activate Your Event GeoFencing and Retargeting Campaign Now!

Geofencing Geofence Events tradeshows Custom Audiences infographic

LeadFollow Event is like event marketing insurance because your ads will be seen by all event attendee’s even if you didn’t get to speak to them. It’s Guaranteed Exposure of your brand, your offer and your business to highly qualified leads with buying intent!

LeadFollow Event is like event marketing insurance because your ads will be seen by event attendees even if they didn’t see your booth, or forgot about you! (You know it happens, some events are so busy, with so much attention getting chaos. Attendees are overloaded with shiny objective syndrome.)

LeadFollow Event is like event marketing insurance because even after the event is over all event attendee’s will continue your brand, your offer, your contact information for the next 30 days! This extends your event marketing opportunity further helping you maximize your event ROI!

LeadFollow is 100% Automated marketing for at least 30 days after each event! That’s right you can extend the campaign to further maximize your exposure.

Guaranteed to expose your business to people with buying intent!

It’s the same people you’re spending thousands of dollars to meet at your booth. LeadFollow increases the likelihood of you making a connection at the event and after the event.

Who is this post for?

That’s right this post on Marketing Guide is going to explain how you can use LeadFollow to hijack leads & clients from events that you attend or didn’t attend.

Somebody who pay to attend expo’s, events, conventions, tradeshows as an Exhibitor

  • Anyone who use events to generate leads
  • Anyone who would like to exhibit at expo’s, events, conventions and tradeshows but don’t have the budget!
  • People who would like the benefit of attending MORE THAN ONE event at the SAME TIME!
  • People who would like to hijack their competitors marketing & advertising budgets

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How does LeadFollow Event GeoFencing Work?

Today’s post focuses on a feature of geo-fencing called LeadFollow Event Targeting. Event Targeting is a precise temporal geo-targeting strategy that allows advertisers to build an audience based on a geo-fence.

Advertisers can target a custom, niche audience out of users who attend a specific event during a predetermined time window and then serve ads to those users while in the fence and for up to thirty days after the event.

We start by building a virtual geo-fence around an event location where the advertiser wants to create an audience

Remember with LeadFollow we can geofence ANY Location. This includes but is not limited too:

  • Hotels, Convention Centers
  • Parks, Boat Docks, Out Door Arenas.
  • Convention Centers, Townhalls, Meeting Venues
  • Streets, Street Corners, Several Street Blocks.
  • Display homes, sales centers
  • If it exists on a map we can target anyone who walks in, or has walked in within the last 30 days.
  • We schedule a specific date and time to collect the data to build the audience. This is what allows us to target people during an event.

When people who have location enabled apps on their mobile devices enter the geo-fenced location during the set timeframe, they can then become part of an audience than can be targeted following the event. This is about 90% of people who attend the event!

Event targeting is a popular tactic because it groups a relevant audience based on interest, behavior or even simple geography. It’s a good way to reach that audience that other forms of advertising can’t match.

If you are reading this and struggling to understand why you would want to target audiences who are attending events… I am sure you can stop reading now and find something else to do.

The big secret is that Event attendees are showing intent!

  • Intention to learn
  • Intent to buy
  • Intent to take action

Event attendees have displayed intent just buy getting off the couch. Most of the time they have invested time and money to attend the event. This is the best type of audience you can target with your advertising. People with intent to take action.

Why Use LeadFollow Event Targeting?

LeadFollow’s event targeting has a few advantages that can improve upon targeting events through traditional channels. Helping you maximize your exhibitor investment along with extending your ROI opportunity for 30 days after the event has finished.

Event Attendees are on their Cell Phones!

One: Even at an event, people are often glued to their phones. Our event targeting leverages the real estate that is in their hands.

If you’ve been to a baseball game lately, you know what I’m talking about. A lot of fans spend a huge percentage of the game checking their phones. So when they’re not checking out that billboard in left field, we have an increased opportunity to expose them to the advertisement with the ads on their phones.

Cost Effective Way to Engage a Targeted Audience

Two: LeadFollow’s Event Targeting is a cost-effective way to reach the audience.

Billboards, radio remotes and trade shows are an investment, sometimes an expensive one. LeadFollow’s event targeting can reach thousands of people for a fraction of what traditional event advertising often costs.

But there is an added benefit. You can continue to target the audience after they leave the event! We like to configure our default event campaigns to be at least 30 days. This means for 30 days after the event you are targeting attendees with your brand and your offer. This is where you can maximize your conversions and remind your audience you still exist!

I can promise you that most of your competitors will forget about all the leads they generated at an event, because they are busy working the next event.

Your Competition Can't Stop You!

Three: Competition can’t keep you out. As a matter for fact the more advertising your competitors do the more it supports you in hijacking their traffic!

Even if your competitor sponsors the event, or they have exclusive rights at the venue, you can still geofence the audience. Consider the possibilities.

With LeadFollow’s Event Targeting it doesn't matter who has the bigger event budgets. What matters is who is stalking their leads online for the longest duration. This is where you can beat your competition. Make sure you campaigns run for at least 30 days post the event.

Let's review some of the possibilities:

  • The car dealership down the street is hosting a huge tent event. The people in attendance are shopping for a car. That would be a valuable audience for competitive car dealerships to target?
  • Another Real Estate Agent is holding a Street or Block party. They have paid for all the food, music and entertainment. But you target every attendee while at the event and then for the next 30 days.
  • There is a boat show at the marina and you are not even exhibiting. You can still target every attendee and display your offer.
  • Another financial or mortgage company is hosting a lunch and learn. They are buying those fancy meals and paying the hotel. All you do is setup the event targeting and you can hijack their audiences with your brand and offers.
  • A big property investment company is promoting their new estate. They have been spending big on TV, Radio and local media for last 30 days inviting everyone to the event. You can target everyone attending the event and all you had to do was setup your LeadFollow’s Event Targeting GeoFences.
  • There is a baseball game on Friday night at the stadium and you are a pizza bar 3 blocks away. You can target the hockey game with your special offer for game night. Then present a different offer to people for the next 30 days after the event!

You will see that the options become endless of how you can use the LeadFollow’s Event Targeting GeoFences to create your own custom audiences.

Target Events Locations you didn't even attend! LeadFollow GeoFences over 2,000 events per year in 40 countries!

Four: Be in multiple places at once.

That's right with LeadFollow’s Event Targeting you don't need to be physically at the event to target the attendee's. This means you can apply LeadFollow’s Event Targeting to any event at any time anywhere in the world! Imagine being able to build an audience from multiple events at the same time in different locations.

Let’s say there are multiple events that draw in the ideal prospects happening at the same time. Maybe there’s a wine festival and a symphony on the same night.

Let's get specific for a minute:

  • Is there multiple boat shows you could target if you want to target people interested in boats, marine life?
  • Any multiple open houses you could target if you are in Real Estate or want to target property buyers?
  • Were there multiple "Real Estate Investor" seminars happening in hotel rooms around the country if you want to target Real Estate Investors or people who want to become Real Estate Investors.
  • Are there multiple Car Dealership tent sales happening?
  • Are there multiple concerts, music events happening if you want to target musicians or people interested in specific music? This could be live concerts, live music bars, clubs in any city or country.
  • Do your competitors holding lunch and learn or dinner and learn sessions?
  • Is there multiple wedding shows happening around your city?
  • Are their motor cross, or sporting events like Polo, or cycling events happening in multiple locations in a town, city or state that you want to target?
  • As you can see the list goes on and the opportunities are endless.

No problem. We can geofence as many events as you’d like, all on the same day and at the same time. The LeadFollow’s Event Targeting will build your audience even if you are or are not at the event.

Targeting Event Attendees Post Event!

This is one of the biggest advantages of the LeadFollow’s Event Targeting system. Targeting people why they are at the event is amazing. But being able to continue to target these people after the event is where the real magic happens.

If you have been working events, you know the biggest challenge with event marketing is following up with the leads you generated at the event. The best sales happen post-event, not during the event. That's why it's critical to keep your brand in front of people of at least 30 days after the event.


And Five:(the most important feature of LeadFollow’s event targeting) We can continue advertising to the audience after the event.

Let me explain for a minute.

The basketball game is only three hours long. While that ad on the jumbotron was front and center during the game – I mean, it was awesome people. no one in the arena could have missed it… Unfortunately, it ceases to be effective the minute the game is over. But you can bet those fans are going to be looking at their phones over the next 30 days allowing us to extend the reach of that billboard for weeks to come.

How about the local festival? Revelers spent the day watching jousts and eating turkey legs. But when they get home they’re going to do two things. One, they’re going to regret buying that silly wooden mug, and two, they’re going to look at their phones. And that’s when your advertisers have an additional opportunity to reach them.

Consider the person visiting a trade show. The business that rents a booth may only have a couple of seconds to get their prospect’s attention as they walk by. If they’re lucky, they might even get to talk to them for a few minutes and give them a brochure that they will sadly lose as soon as the event is over. But with event targeting, we can stay on their RADAR and keep serving them ads for another thirty days.

Most people will take your brochure back to the hotel, and then leave it in the hotel room with the hundreds of others they picked up. But if can digitally stalk people for the next 30 days you are more likely to engage with this lead.

Like I said, the ability to target an audience at an event isn’t new. Targeting them on the device that they spend over three hours a day staring for a month after the event… that’s just awesome.

This is exactly what we want to help you achieve with LeadFollow’s Event Targeting.

What's LeadFollow’s Event Targeting Cost?


Activate Your Event GeoFencing and Retargeting Campaign Now!

LeadFollow ensures your customers don’t forget you!

LeadFollow uses the latest in programmatic geofencing & retargeting advertising that leverages offline buying intent behaviors and 30 terabytes of online search behavior so you always have the right targets audience engaged with your advertising.

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